Monday, October 22, 2012

Fall Table

Let's talk dinner plates! Besides eating yummy seasonal foods it's a great way to add a little of the season to your meals. And if you're the kind to leave place settings out it's a great idea to change the layout to go along with the time of year. 

First thing you need to know!
If you don't like it don't go with it. Each person has their own taste. If it feels good to you it'll look good to others. If you force it and go with something you don't like other people will be able to tell no matter what their personal style is. TRUST YOUR GUT

Play around with it. Go as matchy as you want. A white plate with a neutral accent it great because it can go with ANYTHING.

Another good trick is to choose an item that could be used multiple times. for example these loveys from anchor hocking would be great for fall, Christmas, or spring depending on what other combinations you choose. 

anchor hocking fish scale red

When trying to make something pleasing for the eye it's a great idea to include something patterned, something solid, and something with an accent. I would use a duralex red rimmed plate for my top plate

duralex red rimmed

a solid middle plate to match my solid sheffield golden meadow cups

And use this pretty milk glass for my bottom piece.
vintage milk glass

If you're intimidated keep it simple, like my example, with two colors. When you get more comfortable you can add more or change it how ever you want adding in gravy boats and serving plates.  

Remember when you're creating a space if you don't enjoy it's not worth it. If you're shopping and you see something you LOVE get it!!! a little test to learn to know when you're in love is:
 if you keep thinking about it especially after you left the store you should have taken that baby home with you!
If it doesn't inspire you and you quickly forget what you saw it's now worth it. leave it alone!

Here's a few options I hope inspire you. Get creative!

red orange frosted chip and dip set

edwin knowles

arcopal french vintage


anchor hocking gold shell
sheffield sierra

block flamenco

carousel briard

wet gold vintage royal winton

red edge universal cambridge

Don't forget to enjoy the little things!

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