Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A little style to your table

We've talked about choosing your plate settings now lets talk about the center piece.
We're gonna break it down into two more posts.
Whether it's one in the entryway, a buffet, or the host of the main feast here are some ideas that are sure to wow:

1. Keep it Natural
               Gourds, pumpkins, leafs, berries, branches all big this season (especially combined together.) Let your kids help! go for a walk around the neighborhood (to the park, river, mountains, your yard whatever you have) and gather things that speak to you. Get creative! We have a park near us that has a rose bush there may be no roses now but they've shed their petals and left really beautiful berry looking buds. If you like something use it.
                                                          Natural elements

              If you're the kind to keep it simple go for many of one item. Gather lots of leaves put them in jars, candle holders, and vases. Accent with a few branches and you have a beautiful piece!

2. Metallic!
Silver, Gold, and Mercury glass are a great easy way to add some elegance. Plus they are in this season in a big way! It doesn't even have to be gold or silver. Take a color that has some shine and it will look classy. Here are some pictures of similar items used in different ways. A good lesson( if you use similar items make them your own with your own style)

This is a great example of using items you already have. look around your house if you have the famous silver trays USE THEM! whether it be propped up as it is here or a foundation for your center piece it will add some interest to your display. (I've seen trophys at Target in their home accents section)

Candlesticks are a great staple! (Target and Hobby Lobby both have Mercury glass candlesticks)

and last but not least...

Golden Turkeys from Martha Stewart

See ya later with another center piece post.

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