Saturday, November 10, 2012

Time for some fun

I'm not really the kind who believes a quiz can tell you about yourself. Though I do think it can be fun and interesting to see the results and say "yes this is me" or "WHAT?!? no way." I think it's even harder for one to tell you what your style is. People are so different and have different taste. Think about it your neighbor doesn't remind you of your sister, your coworker doesn't remind you of your mother, and your friends don't remind you of your cousins. If we were alike everyone would remind you of someone else but we weren't all made with a cookie cutter so why should out taste and style be able to fit into a specific category. I do think that a defined style can get you close to what you like with a few adjustments. Is this making sense?

Anyways here's a quiz for some fun!
It's from ethan allen
I took it a couple times and it came up with two different styles but combined together I think it's close to what I like. Any guesses what they are?

Don't forget to share what yours is!
There may be a prize in it for you

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